What We’re About

We are a local entertainment company, based out of Austin serving patrons in Austin. We provide a superior, professional gaming experience that exceeds expectations, gratifies all skill levels and generates an atmosphere of pure fun!

What We Do

Entertainment poker is fast becoming a staple service offered as Texas Hold ‘Em continues to be the most popular poker game in the world. Turn River Gaming provides an exhilarating environment for customers to play this dynamic and challenging game; Las Vegas action with Texas flare! In accordance with all state and regulatory laws, all of our games are for entertainment purposes only.

How We Do It

Turn River Gaming provides a custom built, stylish poker table, deluxe comfort chairs, chips, cards and highly trained dealers to manage the fun and games. We don’t tolerate, condone or allow illegal gambling at any of our tables. With a small service fee, our players can earn gifts and prizes for simply sitting and playing at our tables.

Contact Information

Amy Copeland - Co-owner/COO
E-mail: Amy@turnrivergaming.com
Phone: 512-470-3613