What’s New

June 8
The company is undergoing restructuring. Please be patient as we go through this process.
Mar 25
It's been a long time and it's finally back! Tournaments!!! The first tournament of the year will be at Down in Texas Saloon on Sunday, Mar. 30. Starts at 7:30pm. Free cover until 8pm and we'll even have some drink specials! And best of all, $300 Cash Prize! Don't forget to bring your membership card and come and play with us! And one more thing... Not just this Sunday, but every Sunday!
Feb 26
Congrats again to all our Quarterly Winners! In Killeen, Brian Bohannon takes the top prize with Jeffrey Myszka taking a close 2nd. In Austin, the huge field of over 80 players was whittled down to Ed Priesmeyer in 2nd and newcomer Shanna Gun taking everyone for the 1st place spot. Congratulations everyone!
Jan 31
It's that time of year again... Quarterly Tournament Time! $1000 guaranteed payout! Austin's Winter Quarterly will be held at Mavericks on Feb. 23 at 8pm. We'll have exclusive use of the club and everything will be inside away from the elements. Killeen's Winter Quarterly will also be on Feb. 23 starting at 8pm at The Dollhouse. So, get your last minute 100k wins in to get your extra chips and a better shot at that $1000 prize pool!
Dec 31
Happy New Year!! It's been a great year here at Turn River Gaming. Thanks to all of our players and friends who made our first year so great. Don't forget that we have a whole Casino Night going on at Mavericks for New Years. Goodnight will also be going as well as Down in Texas Saloon and Dollhouse. Come on out and help us celebrate the coming of the New Year!
Dec 2
Congrats to all our Quarterly Winners! From Killeen, Fabian shows he's still got it placing 2nd with Tom Richert taking the big prize. And, in Austin, long time regular and friend of Turn River Gaming, Kenny Todd takes 2nd with new player Raj Buhjabal taking first. Congratulations again to all our winners and everyone who qualified! Don't forget to check out our pics of the Austin event here!
Nov 1
Once again... It's Quarterly Tournament time! $1000 guaranteed payout! Austin's Quarterly will be held at Mavericks on Nov. 24th at 8pm. Don't worry, we'll have heaters and a tent to keep us protected and warm. :) And, Killeen's Quarterly will be held at Dollhouse on Dec. 1 at 7pm. Now's the time to earn more 100k wins to get extra chips at the tourneys. We'll start contacting qualifiers soon!
Oct 8
It's official! Down in Texas Saloon will be opening their doors on Wed, Oct. 9 at 6pm. And we'll be there to help them get the party started. The table will be open and it's in a great place for checking out the whole club. We'll be running specials and promos all night! So, help us welcome Down in Texas Saloon to the area and to the Turn River Gaming family.
Aug 26
Congrats to David Clarke and Doc "Dee" Curb for winning 1st and 2nd in the Killeen Fall Quarterly!! It was quite the battle getting down to the final 2, but they both came out ahead. Especially David, a brand new member. Congratulations to both winners and Thanks to everyone who participated with a special Thanks to The Dollhouse for hosting.
Aug 21
Congrats to Yogesh Sahu and Rod Sahium for winning 1st and 2nd in the Austin Quarterly!! $1000 prize and they beat out almost 60 people to get it. Thanks to Maverick's Country Rock for hosting our Fall Quarterly.
Don't forget, Killeen's Fall Quarterly will be this Sunday at The Dollhouse and starts prompty at 7pm. Get your 100k wins in while you can to start with extra chips.
Aug 15
Well, it's time for Austin's first Quarterly tournament! It will be held at Maverick's on Tuesday, 8/20, and play begins at 8pm. Everyone who has qualified should already have been notified. But, if you feel you might have been missed, email us so we can be sure to get everyone. And don't forget, each 100k win gives more chips at the start. So get to playin'!
May 30
The Goodnight is now open! Come on over and see us aat our newest location.
May 26
We just completed our first Quarterly tournament in Killeen and gave away $1000 to the winner! And the winner, beating out over half of those invited, was John "Juicy JC" Demeo! You can see him flaunting his winnings at our Facebook page. Congrats Juicy!